Hello World

September 18, 2020

Thanks for visiting the Hello World post for my new blog. I created this blog primarily as a means to develop my creative self-expression. I suspect it will reflect my journey as a seeker of Truth and my perspective on Truth.

"Starting a Blog" has featured on my New Years resolution list for as long as I care to remember. Acting on this desire, especially with a blog that assumes to offer a window to Truth, is challenging. Firstly I recognize, as did other intellectuals before me, that knowledge is a double edge sword. As Aristotle put it, "the more you know, the more you know you don't know." Secondly, though Truth is universal, I recognize that it only reveals itself in profoundly personal and generally opaque ways.

With these two challenges in mind, I titled my blog Balderdash. It's an attempt to capture those moments of understanding I humbly get to experience. I hope that hidden somewhere within these musings; another seeker may find a guidepost to their own Truth. Even though you and I may never get there, one thing I know for sure: a life spent seeking Truth is a life well spent.


  1. senseless talk or writing; nonsense:

I'm Erich Wilgenbus.

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